Draft List


updated January 19th, 2018


Bell’s Two Hearted Ale try it with Stevenson Stilton

Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet try it with Rogue Caveman Blue

*PA Local* Troegs Perpetual IPA try it with Barbers Cheddar

*PA Local* Troegs Scratch 305 Cranberry Porter try it with Mt. Tam

Alesmith Mokasida Coffee Speedway Stout 2016 try it with Gjetost

*PA Local* Troegs Solid Sender try it with Brie Nagis

*PA Local* Jack’s Fireside try it with Barbers Cheddar

Bell’s Titania try it with Beemster Goat Gouda

*PA Local* Troegs Mad Elf try it with Bellavitano Merlot

*PA Local* Troegs Master of Pumpkins  try it with 5 Year Gouda

*PA Local* Troegs Nugget Nectar try it with  5 Year Gouda

Brasserie Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux try it with Jasper Hills Winnimere

*PA Local* Sterling Pig Shoat try it with Prima Donna

*PA Local* Troegs Dreamweaver try it with Prima Donna

*PA Local* Conshohocken Type A try it with  Buttermilk Blue

Founders Breakfast Stout try it with Gjetost