BEER HERE! 8.21.15

Lager.  The underrated, underappreciated sibling in the beer family, hidden away behind palate-smashing IPAs and boozy barrel aged stouts.  No one gets excited about a lager, right?


But a lager is reliable.  Dependable.  A lager will always be there for you, malty-sweet and drinkable, even after your infatuation with the hop scene has faded.  Drinking a lager is like coming home after a long, strange journey, and for most of us here at 320, home is a place called Delco.


Two Stones Pub Brewery’s new Aston location has been the focus of a lot of hype, and we have to say, that hype is well-deserved.  Delco-native Bob Barrar brews some phenomenal beers (19 GABF medals!) and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a keg of 2SP’s lager.  DELCO Lager, to be exact.  It’s both a name and a description.


We’re pouring pints and filling growlers at our Swarthmore location, but don’t expect it to last long.  Delco may always be here for you, but DELCO Lager is a beer on the move.